Sunday, May 27, 2012

Orthographic Shadows

Shadows - Old and New Compared
Thanks to Moguri and Kupoman, orthographic shadows will soon be available in Blender.  Here is a pic of the old way using Blender 2.63a

Here is a pic of the new way, using Blender 2.64 - really the latest build from

The 2.63a shadow was done using a spot light.  Here is the shadow panel.

The latest build orthographic shadow was done using a sun light.  Here is the shadow panel for it.

The blend files can be downloaded at: and
This was done using a MacBook Pro with Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB.
Comments and corrections are welcome. The idea for doing the shadow is from:

Here is the link on the BlenderArtists forum:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swiss Cheese Branch GSoC 2012

Spencer Alves - GSoC project: Hive system for Blender: Nodal logic!


  1. Bindings for existing Hive nodes to the Blender Game Engine
  2. Low-level optimizations to the evaluation pipeline
  3. Steps towards a node-based GUI for the BGE


The Hive system, by Sjoerd de Vries, is a generic was to implement game logic. It uses nodes (called bees) to define behavior given circumstances. My job will be to build this into Blender, so that (eventually) we can have a more extensible and robust logic system for the BGE than the logic bricks editor.
Alex Ku - GSoC 2012 - Android Blenderplayer Port with OpenGL-ES(2.0)
Because Android primarily uses java, java is unavoidable. But with Android 2.3 and higher we can minimized java code. The java jni binding will happen behind the scenes by using Android' Native Activity. It does all boring (and annoying) API binding for developer.

Major Targets
  • Make BGE compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0 (Mobile graphics)
  • Port Blenderplayer to Android

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moguri GSoC 2012 
1.  BGE Converter Improvements -
  • Save out pre-converted files
  • Asynchronously load files (blend or pre-converted)
  • Converter-time optimizations

2.  BGE Fixup -
Animation Bugs
LibLoad Bugs
This is mostly getting the existing component code I have polished up and "trunk-worthy".
  • Make UI for finding components easier
  • Fix any Python scoping issues
Custom Shaders
Same as the components, except for with my GSoC 2010 custom shader code.
  • Re-examine code and figure out a list of todos

GSoC BGE Fixup Status Report Week 1

Candy Branch
Implemented Features:
  • Subsurface Scattering
  • Area Lamps
  • Logic Connector Highlighting
  • Mipmapping option per-texture
In progress:
  • Composite nodes in realtime
  • Parallax mapping
  • Volumetric Lights
Some other things that we have planned:

  • Volumetric Shadowing for Volumetric lights
  • Environment cube-mapping
  • Scrolling texture coordinates in material node editor
  • World normals in material node editor
  • Extra uniform inputs for 2D Filters
  • Sky and Atmosphere
  • Fog volumes
Harmony Branch 
The Harmony Phase I proposal.  Includes a revised shadow panel, point light shadows, variance shadow maps, shadow cookies, and shadow color.

Harmony Phase I merged into trunk.

The Harmony Phase II proposal.  Includes a prepass system for generating information buffers, a light clean up of the current 2D filter system, anti-aliasing for the embedded player, and basic high dynamic range (HDR) rendering.